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Rudy’s New York Pizza


Step  01

File Upload Location:

Google Drive


Nothing at this time…

Step 01

Information Form

You: Please fill out the form here to ensure we are both on the same page and you are happy with the end product.

Step 02

Images and media submission

You: Please upload images for the website as well as video (if applicable) and logo.

Step 03

Menu and page content submission

You: Please upload your menu(s) and your page content. Page content can be from your current website, Word or Google Docs.

Step 04

Website hosting setup and WordPress installation

Spicy Red Chili: Once we have your information we will begin setting up the framework for your new website.

Step 05

Theme builder and theme customizer setttings

Spicy Red Chili: We will begin to build the look and feel to your website based on the template that you have chosen.

Step 06

Page setup

Spicy Red Chili: At this stage we will create pages and populate them with your content and images.

Step 07

Menu(s) setup

Spicy Red Chili: At this stage we will populate your menu and catering menu page(s).

Step 08

Mobile testing and adjustments

Spicy Red Chili: At this stage we will go through the entire site to ensure that mobile settings are in place and everything adjust to the mobile view correctly.

Step 09

Client approval

You: Please review the website. Once you have approved everything we will prep to go live.

Step 10

Launch new website!

Spicy Red Chili: Time to launch!